Christianity. Secularism. Philippines.

Officials of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) are not amused by McDonald’s latest TV commercial and want the giant fast food chain to pull the ad out pronto.

-Uy, J.R. Philippine Daily Inquirer

There are now a lot of issues badgering and lingering in the Philippines and one of the most prominent of them is the idea of the Catholic Church intervening with the issues in the country.

Yes, we know that the Philippines is a conservative democracy and that more than 75% of our entire population is composed Christians. However, the Catholic Church should still incorporate state secularism. In a democracy, every member is entitled to a freedom of speech and expression. But, the decree on secularism is clear in stating that any church is not permitted to intervene with state matters.

Yes, we know that the McDonald’s commercial is not that much of a state matter but please, these past train of events have been all about the Church intervening with State matters, i.e., they lobbied against the RH Bill by adding a prayer against the RH Bill in Holy Masses or by releasing public statements that clearly lobbied against the said legislation.

I am not against the Catholic Church and whatnot for I am a faithful Catholic myself. What I am abhorred of is the actions being done by the constituents of the Catholic Church. I think that the Church should veer away from these issues and focus more on what they do best, guide their constituents towards the right path with the Divine Providence of the Almighty.


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