I Like Debate because…

…Debate helped me reason out things and think more of life. ❤

such was my answer on the PIDC 2011 Championship Dinner Freedom Wall.

It was a cold November’s evening of 2010 when I decided to take a path that would change my life forever. I have decided to step it up and join the Parliament: UPLB Debate Society.

I pursued the application process and finished the Final Stage with my batch, Exemietate cum Ratio. I trained as much as possible; but of course there are exterior factors that affected my trainings. Academics, Health Issues [not only of mine but also that of my mother’s], fiscal crisis [yes, there are times when I really get broke], peer pressure. When there are times that I wanted to raise the white flag and say, “I surrender,” I think of all the possibilities that I will miss, and think that I must pursue this.

Then came the team-ups for the Manila Intervarsities 2011 [MINT 2011] to be held at UP Manila. I was teamed up with my batchmates [Darlene and Sidney] and formed to be UPLB Team H. It was a four-round debate competition in one whole day. First up was FEU B, then came UPLB B, FEU A, and lastly FEU C. We won one of the matches. MINT was fun since it was our first time to be immersed in such an actual competition.

UPLB Team H at MINT 2011

After the MINT, I was faced with the bigger competition: PIDC 2011 [Philippine Intercollegiate Debating Championship] YES, I am pursuing Nationals.

I had a lot of inhibitions with PIDC 2011 since I am also fixing my transfer papers and of course, we are talking about Nationals: where we meet the debate gods and goddesses of the Philippines. More than that my team [UPLB Team E constituted with Me, Erik, and Melchi] did not train that much.
However, we proved that we can compete in a national tourney and win a few rounds. We got four wins out of seven rounds which was not bad after all. Then came the Socials [e.g. Break Night, Championship Dinner, simple chit-chat] which enriched the heart of the debate tourney. I met a lot of new and old friends from ADMU, MIT, UPD, DLSU, FEU, CSB, etc. PIDC and the whole of the Philippine Debating Community is a truck load of fun and is something that I will never ever forget.

UPLB Team E at PIDC 2011

Now as I leave UPLB and transfer. I ask myself the question: “should I still pursue debating? or is it time to focus on my academics?”


© NJ Villafuerte



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