Easter Sunday

Gumuho man ang mundo, ang pagmamahal Ko sayo’y di maglalaho, wika ng Poon (The world may crumble, but my love for you remains the same, said God)

Today, the Philippines (being a 75% Christian country) celebrates the Easter Sunday, the day Jesus Christ overcame death and lived to cleanse everyone of their sins.

Keep Calm and Pray

After a long week of fasting, examination of conscience, abstinence, prayer (for some of us that is) the holy week is coming to a closure. Palm Sunday, we walked together with Jesus Christ as he enters the city of Jerusalem. Maundy Thursday, we celebrate with the apostles the Last Supper, also known as the institution of the Holy Eucharist. On Good Friday, we mourn as Jesus Christ dies on the cross. And lastly, Easter Sunday where everyone celebrates the Pasko ng Pagkabuhay (Feast of the Resurrection).

In the due course of the Holy Week, have we come to realize our shortcomings and have left them as Jesus Christ also left death? Have we tried to live life anew? Or are we still buried deep in our sins?

Easter Sunday (like the New Year) is a good time to start anew and forget the old sinful people that we were. Have a blessed Easter Sunday.

©NJ Villafuerte


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