Sound of 2011

It’s not about the money, We don’t need your money, We just wanna make the world dance, Forget about the price tag

-Jessie J. (Price Tag)

As 2011 comes into its midway, it is about time to recheck who has been winning the top charts.

Music has been a very vital part of the society especially in this very modern set-up. iPods, mp3 players, music cellphones, sound systems are the “in” things today. This is enough to show that the society is hooked to music. Even headsets now have varieties from beats by dr. dre, and skull candies to wireless headsets and bluetooth dongles.

Jessie J.

Above is a photo of Jessie J., a fresh artist and is currently deemed by BBC as the Sound of 2011.

Up-and-coming pop singer Jessie J is number one on the BBC Sound of 2011 list, which was compiled by asking 160 influential music critics, broadcasters and bloggers to name their favourite new acts.

Here are some of Jessie J’s goals for the next 12 months: have a number one album, go on a headline tour, launch a perfume, set up charities and youth clubs around London, write a musical, do a duet with Leona Lewis and write Britney Spears’ next hit single.

The 22-year-old is pretty well placed to have a go.

She has already co-written a US hit song, scored her own top 30 single in the UK, starred on the West End stage, been named the Brit Awards’ Critics’ Choice and now come top of the BBC Sound of 2011 list.

Not bad considering she is under doctors’ orders to take it easy as a result of an irregular heartbeat and a minor stroke four years ago, after which doctors could not guarantee she would sing or walk properly again.

“It’s one of those things that makes you think, OK, life isn’t guaranteed for anybody,” she says. “So it’s time for me to turn this on and really do it justice.”

-Youngs, I. (BBC Entertainment)

Jessie J presented us songs that were reflective of the truths of this world, Price Tag, Who you are, to name a few. And of course, the beat and fast pace is there as well which went well with pop style. Truly, Jessie J is a promising star and may indeed be deemed as the Sound of 2011

©NJ Villafuerte


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