Geography Matters

One of the highly misconceived fields of study in the Philippine academe is the study of Geography. Most individuals relay geography only as the science of map making. When you even ask a random person on the street, “Do you know what geography is?” They would answer, “Isn’t that the study of making maps?” then would follow questions such as, “Do you really need a college degree for that?” and “Isn’t it that even little boys know how to draw maps?” etc. It is a clear illustration of the outright fact that the common society are not in any way aware of the complexities of geography.

Geography: The Queen of the Sciences

To begin with, geography is not your average high school subject where you study the nominal or absolute location of this and that. Geography extends to the human patterns that occur on the area stated for inquiry. This gives way to the various fields of geography branching out from Physical Geography and Human Geography. Physical Geography as the name implies is the study of the physical attributes of a certain location, including its topography, climate, etc. The fields of Human Geography, on the other hand, reflect more complex fields of study. Under Human Geography are Cultural, Political, Economic Geography, etc.

What most average people don’t see is that Geography is not just a dandy course on locating stuff on the surface of the earth. Geography gives its constituents even more than that. It helps them understand more of the world and how it really revolves and the life around its surface as a whole. It gives geographers and geography majors alike a chance to be able to see the world in a variably different perspective.

Hitherto, we must not underestimate the field of Geography. Since, like other fields of study who proudly states that they know and analyze things that make the world as it is, Geography also boasts of the fact that it gives everyone the real picture on how the world really is from various perspectives of location and surficial living.

P.S. To know more about Geography here in the Philippines, check out the website of the University of the Philippines Diliman Department of Geography at


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6 comments on “Geography Matters

  1. Our organization shares the same views! Great job!

  2. Robert says:

    Indeed you are right, Geography is not “just” the usual maps and capitals. It is the science of describing the earth but now, it is more than that it analyze how man affects the environment and how environment affects man. You will learn the contending theories such as the environmental determinism and the Cultural Possibilism of Carl Sauer. At the same time the department will equip you with the necessary tools to help you analyze your environment and the human interactions by means of Geographic Information System. You have a journey ahead and you will realize that “places really matter.”

    • Robert, thanks for taking the time to read and criticize my blog post.
      I also concede to the fact that Geography also study such theories, and of course the essence of Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, etc. especially in this fast-evolving society where technology and all that is very necessary. In the same breadth, I would like to apologize for actually omitting these vital topics, just an honest mistake.

      On the other hand, thank you for wishing me well on this journey ahead of me. 😀

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