The Epitome of a Heartbreak

“Do you believe in LOVE,” three days ago, I was one of the many blind people who believed in this preposterous word.

But now, it all seems like a BIG JOKE.

Few years back, I’ve stumbled upon a pretty lady in a private school here in the metro who turned out to be one of the people who will play a big part in my life. We had fun for four long years; we enjoyed each other’s company; there even came a time when I thought she was the one.  But reality slapped me on the face, it’s not real love, it’s something you call childish infatuation. It was like reality was a friend who told me, “Dude, WAKE UP and GROW UP.” She broke up with me due to very childish reasons.

I let myself be overcome by depression the whole night. My only companion was a bottle of whisky while I cried my heart out.  I woke up with a sore body and a bleeding heart, and the sun peeked through the windows telling me, “Wake up NJ, your dream is over.”

Few weeks later, I realized that her so-called rationality of our break-up was really another man. I saw her with another guy at our favorite restaurant at Tomas Morato. After realizing that, I swore to myself that I will never be fooled by lady’s love ever again.

I stood up and put my best foot forward. “Life must go on,” I told myself. However, in less than a year after, I found another girl who captivated my weak heart. She was one of a kind I told myself. Her whole composure was something that stood out from a large crowd.

I stood up to her and told her the way I felt. She reciprocated or so it seems. We had our times together. Good times in fact. We do dinners together, stayed up late for homeworks and projects.

But all the same it was a big fantasy that aims to destroy my intrepid personality, she tore me apart. She told me that it wasn’t love, it was just friendship and my pitiful heart misrepresented it. I let despair consume me.  Tears fell, a heart bled in depression.

However, after that event, I simply just didn’t learn how to hold back. Within a month, I met another girl in a convention, who really captivated me. And this time was different, she was drop-dead gorgeous, remarkably skilled and intellectual, and mature enough to handle situations like a real adult would do.

I courted with all my heart and won her love fair and square. We dated for quite a while, but I never knew that it would all end so easily. A minor issue breaks us apart. Despite the fact that I have tried to go all the way to their house in the south, it all was in vain. I was not able to resuscitate the dying flame.

Now, I am left alone with my heart in shreds, my emotions of grief. I bleed alone in the corner of my room due to emotional attacks.

Hitherto, I ask myself the question, “What really is LOVE?” and “How do you Mend a Broken Heart?”



6 comments on “The Epitome of a Heartbreak

  1. Jacob says:

    My God, NJ get a grip man.
    There’s still hugs and alcohol in the world. You’ll get over it. 🙂

  2. Jacob, I wish there was a way, but I have had enough alcohol in my system to sterilize a whole hospital.

    I wish there was a way to forget. :/

  3. There is a way to forget: wait for the love that will make you happy. In the meantime, be happy because she is coming your way.

  4. justineRavi says:

    Cake’s just around the corner, man. :)” ❤

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