an AWESOME post

Today, I spent half my day chilling at my home: turning the audio systems on, enjoying a bag of chips, browsing the web for interesting blogs. Everything was as boring as it is until I stumbled upon the inactive blog of my best friend. Of course, these kinds of trivial things intrigued me, and seeing that I have nothing left to do in the next two hours, I set down on reading most of his articles.

 Mostly his articles were your average blog articles, until you notice that the word awesome has been used more than necessary. Yes, he was mostly writing on how to upkeep an awesome life. Despite these trivial things I noticed, I still find certain interesting facts about him that can really be applied into real life. Let me lay it down here:


This is something I have realized only lately. No man can live alone; he always needs someone to be with in times of trouble through and through. Consider yourself very lucky if you find a buddy that would always be with you: share stories with you, give you ample pieces of advice, or simply be there to support you. Remember that whatever happens, you always have these kinds of people who will stand by in all cases, and help you maintain the AWESOME self that you are.


“The time for men to watch soaps have come and gone.” (Jabines, 2009)

I know that drama is an unnecessary evil in modern society but don’t let it make you succumb. (bitch, please) It is okay to hurt over a broken relationship, or a simple bust, but it so un-AWESOME if you let this drama take over your life and act like some leading man in the most dramatic soap opera ever in the next weeks. Remember that you have other people who care for you and let them be the safeguards to help you uphold the AWESOME reputation you carry.


A lot of adults tell you that there are things that you don’t know still because you’re young. Well, we say, you lot can’t be AWESOME cause you’re too old. Don’t let the adults get into you. Let them rant all they want just always keep in mind that they can’t all be awesome as you are. They may be omniscient and all but bah! You know how boring intelligent people are. So don’t let them get into you and just stay AWESOME that they can never be.


I hope that these things I learned will rub off on me and let us all be the awesome people that we are. Don’t let all the drama and sadness of reality gobble you, keep being AWESOME!

P.S. Credits to for awesome inspirations.

©NJ Villafuerte


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