The Back Story

I gained quite a number of pounds due to a very sedentary lifestyle, and the fact that I overindulge food intake. I eat out too often, take the easy route (fast food dining) and I plainly did not care what went inside my body. When you are going through what I was going through emotionally, you wouldn’t really care. So I went on, and before I knew it, I gained 10 kilograms in a span of one month, and rapidly gaining more. Then it woke me up,

However sad life may be, it will still keep moving forward. If you stay sedentary, you will be left behind.

So, I started working out. Thank God for Gold’s Gym Katipunan. I registered for an unlimited Gold’s membership and started working out real hard, real time. It paid off, I may have not that ripped body and those 8-pack abs that are to die for, I started to lose those extra flabby pounds. Then I said goodbye to my fast food dining craze. I welcomed the Paleo diet: which is basically eating the way the prehistoric people ate, mostly raw foods, and a lot of greens. I know it may sound a bit off, but it’s really effective; you lose the pounds, and you gain the strength, and endurance.

I learned to say NO to this.

Despite my desire, and my ultimate goal (ripped body); I still tend to cheat. Eat fast food once in a while, or overindulge in chocolates, and cakes. Because, deep inside me, I know there is still the fat kid who indulges in eating a lot of food. But I don’t listen to him a lot now, because I know that in this world not only will you live longer, but you will also be more physically attractive, which as I realized it, was a very vital factor in society’s judgment of any individual. And this fact makes me sad, because we have lost the true meaning of every individual: the person within. I know it may sound too idealistic, but would you not agree that it is better to fall in love with a person of great attitude than with a person that only has great looks?


©NJ Villafuerte




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