What is in a name?

A few years back, when I made this blog; honestly, I didn’t know what I was doing and now, I’m still unsure if I’m doing it right. I came up with the name the Blue Debonair because of two reasons: (a) my favorite color was blue and (b) I was a sad creature at the time. I was too melodramatic; basking in the sadness that is my life. Yes, I was a high school teenager and I already think that life is hard. A lot of people think of it as just too pretentious especially given the fact that I was a kid; but I would like to contribute it to the fact that I have always believed myself to be an old soul. Growing up, I never really enjoyed the games that kids play on the computer; I was not that engaged in sports and outdoor activities because I believed that they were wastes of energy. Moreso, I was a fan of Polos, dress shirts, and formal clothing; teen music doesn’t appeal to me as much as the good old classical music with a tinge of Jazz. I, however, am not as boring and/or as melodramatic as I seem to be. I also enjoy being crazy, engaging in extreme activities, and drinking and partying out like a typical young adult should do. But, the urge to be responsible for myself and my siblings is above everything else. Guess, no one can really be put into a box and be classified as one thing alone. We all have more than one personality aspect. That’s what makes us special.


A jack of all trades and yet; master of none.


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